Many say Bison is better tastin’ than beef, and we agree. Full of that rich prime beef like flavor without all the steroids and antibiotics, these American Buffalo burgers are real popular around the Pit. And they’re really easy to grill on the barbecue, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. Bison provided by Blue Bison at Use the coupon code YOUTUBE to get 10% off your next purchase!

The Bacon Explosion

Jack Scalfani celebrates his 50th episode with THE BACON EXPLOSION. Be sure to subscribe to this channel and Jack’s other channel “Jack on the Go” channel I hope you enjoyed the video for the Bacon Explosion Video. This idea came from the guys at . They have the entire recipe on their website for you to try your own version of the Bacon Explosion.

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Bacon Cheeseburger Grinders recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Sick of the same ol’, same ol’ grilled beef burgers? Call them what you want, Heroes, Hoagies, Grinders, Po’Boys but these BBQ Pit Boys Cheese Burger Sandwiches are about as good as good eatin’ gets hot off the grill. You gotta “check these out” the next time you fire up your Pit..! Print out this recipe and 100′s more at our Website

Unicorn Bacon Cookies – Quake N Bake

Vote for me on King of the Web!! – Unicorn Bacon Cookies – Quake N Bake This video will show you How to make unicorn bacon cookies How to make rainbow cookies How to bake Unicorn cookies Follow us on twitter! @ihascupquake @redb15 I followed this tutorial for the bacon! Music – B4bbs –

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Bacon Burger Slider Loafs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Bacon Burger Slider Loafs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

Sometimes at the Pit just a small reduced-calorie Burger will do, BBQ Pit Boys style of course..! Check out this easy to grill Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders recipe for your next barbecue or tailgating party. But because these Sliders are so damn small, you’ll want to make a bunch of ‘em..! You can print this recipe and 100′s more on our Website Start a BBQ Pit Boys Chapter, now over 600 worldwide..!

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Bacon Chicken Sticks – Recipe

Chicken can be boring so here’s a different way of preparing it.  These chicken kabob’s taste great and the meat ends up being nice and moist.  Enjoy these Bacon Chicken sticks next time you have guests over.

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Product Review: Bacon Cooker

Bacon can come out good or bad depending on how you cook this simple treat.  Check out this Bacon Cooking product which should make cooking baking a bit easier and more convenient.

Delicious Bacon Stuffing Recipe

Great stuffing recipe for your favorite meats this holiday season.  Try this little twist with bacon and you’re sure to have a delicious bacon flavored stuffing.

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