Baking Organic Bread at Home – It’s Easy!

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Bread Baking at The French Culinary Institute

The Art of International Bread Baking trains you in the expert techniques for baking a spectrum of delicious loaves from around the world in as little as eight weeks. Starting with the Classic European mixes, youll bake sourdoughs, baguettes, croissants, and more. The curriculum progresses to include German and Middle European whole grains, the darker, more flavorful doughs, as well as the flavorful range of Italian breads: ciabatta, flatbreads, focaccia, and dont forget pizza! With your Grand Dîplome, you can be an asset to bakeries anywhere in the world or start one on your own. Our scheduling options (eight weeks by day or night) make it easy to keep your day job while taking classes.

Food Rambler Rating: 5 / 5